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28-Oct-2017 02:01

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Instead of getting compassion and support from his readers, he was heavily ridiculed and made fun of by hundreds of commenters and web publications across the Internet. apparently is not unusual for hackers to expose security vulnerabilities as a hobby or as a business, but what is not normal or remotely acceptable is for any self-respecting website, specially the size of Plenty of Fish to store millions of passwords from its users in plain text format, that is, not encrypted.Not only this a monumental lack of consideration for his user’s privacy but it is an unforgivable security issue that no one that has had the most basic web security training could have ever allowed to happen.UPDATE: Thanks to the Hacker News community for voicing their criticism and making some great points on web security and password management. Last week Plenty Of Fish got hacked and a big drama ensued after Markus Frind, its Founder and CEO, wrote a long rambling article accusing a 23 yo Argentinean hacker, Chris Russo, of extortion and harassing him and his wife.

It is way smarter to keep reminding you of your password, and that is exactly what Markus does.

Clara asks, "Please advise how to remove all profile information from Plenty of Fish.

I'm dissatisfied with the results from my free account, and I don't want to pay for an Upgraded Membership. "Closing your POF account is easy, even though it requires a few clicks.

One must assume that every website will eventually get hacked and therefore must ensure that once the data is exposed the potential damage that can be caused is minimized as much as possible.

The main concern should be users privacy and with that comes their passwords.

According to Markus himself most people signup for 2 or more online dating sites. well, the one that makes it super easy to remember your password and yes the cheapest one. So there you go, what is most likely, that a guy that has build the largest free dating site the world is a moron?

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